How to shrink pictures on mac

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Jeremy Horwitz. Particularly after installing OS X The simplest technique is to open a Finder window and right-click the Pictures folder under Favorites, choosing Get Info. The duplicate eliminating tools below turn what could be days of agonizing hunting-and-pecking into a mostly automated hour or two of deleting unneeded images. One of these libraries may be the only record you have of precious memories, and making the choice to just dump a giant collection of images can be calamitous.

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Exercising caution when using duplicate photo tools can be challenging. While Duplicate Files is basically foolproof, Similar Photos loosens the rules. The Advanced Settings tab lets you calibrate the comparison engine, looking for matchups either of thumbnails or histograms, as well as color and detail levels in the thumbnails.

How to Resize a Photo on your Mac laptop or Computer

Series of Shots is the last option, included to handle split-second bursts of photos like the ones taken by recent iPhones, or looser groupings of images taken at nearly the same time. Each group will contain at least two photos, so you can either trust PhotoSweeper to automatically mark the ones it thinks should be deleted, or manually mark them yourself. Increasing the resolution will make your image larger but slightly blurry. The easiest way to do this is to hold down shift or command to select multiple files in finder and then double-click on one of them to open all the selected images in Preview.

There will be a panel with a thumbnail for each image on the left side. Click the first thumbnail , and then hold shift and click on the last thumbnail.

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This will select them all. Now, when you click on the resize icon, your changes will be applied to all images. Your participation helps us to help others.

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