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I could do a global search for the file if i knew the name. The Plugin itself is OpenStudio. If you installed OS after SketchUp everything should work out of the box. David or Dan might have other ideas, but the SketchUp version thing was my first guess. Thanks for the reply. I'm a total noob when it comes to this software, so I'm not sure who David or Dan are. Any referral is appreciated.

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I've checked every location possible, including the Package Contents for SU '13 and '16 with no luck. The plugin is not on my computer. Dumb question - has it been verified that it's included in the install package? Dumber question - could someone just send it to me?

Also SketchUp is the preferred version, so you can un-install earlier versions. If you didn't already have the 64bit version installed, run the OpenStudio installer again after installing the 64bit version. Also can you let me know what version of mac OS you are on?

It will help us to try and reproduce what you are seeing. If that doesn't work this thread shows you how to manually copy the plugin files from the installer to SketchUp plugin's folder. This is where you need to copy the plugin to.

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Hi David, thanks for checking into this. My understanding is that Sketchup for the Mac only comes in the bit flavor.

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I understand that this is an option only available for Windows users. My current version of OS X is Thanks for the link to the alternate thread, but that resolves the issue on a Windows machine. Again, I can manually install OpenStudio. I just updated the answer with Mac screenshots of where to copy the plugin from and to. Also please go under the SketchUp "Preferences" menu and then "Extensions" and confirm if "OpenStudio" is listed and checked. OK, I figured it out.

When I created an account at EnergyPlus, I must have stayed on their page and downloaded the latest version of EnergyPlus 8. In my defense, the pages look nearly identical. I got the correct install file and everything works like a charm! Like I said, I'm a total noob.

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Looking forward to diving in! I'm sure you'll hear from me again. Once finished, open Revit and the plugin will be listed in the Add-ins section. Enter your email and password used for Sefaira web application to login to Sefaira for Revit Plugin. While accessing the web application and downloading the plugins is straight forward, we do have supplemental information on how to handle firewalls, adjust proxy settings, and adjust the default browsers.

We're here to help. Accessing the Sefaira plugin in SketchUp Sefaira's energy performance and daylight analysis can be performed on SketchUp models from within the SketchUp modeling environment. ZIP download above. To install the plugin in SketchUp 1 Extract the extension file. RBZ from the.

RBZ file. How about accessing the Sefaira Web Application?

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