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This Feature allows quick and direct access to any file, function or class inside one of our projects by simply pressing a few keys. Highlight Static and PEP8 errors in the document, you can also see that the files containing PEP8 errors are shown with an icon in the tab where the file is opened, and files containing code static errors are shown with a bug icon in that tab.

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You can create a Plugin for several purposes and it can be integrated completely with the IDE, increasing the functionality available to improve assistance for projects development. More win downloads. Ninja-IDE nominated for the PortalProgramas website awards We have been proudly nominated for the PortalProgramas Awards in the following categories: "Most popular" and "Most revolutionary" open source program.

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You can vote once a day. Thanks in advance!! All of this information is contained in the Python Code Builder. The code builder includes information on the methods contained in the Python library, for example, Built-in Functions, File methods, String methods, etc. The Code Builder works by allowing users to select a method category, such as String, and then it displays method signature and method description information for all methods in the selected category.

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The user can copy the method name to the editor, and the signature will display as a tooltip. For more information, see the following: Python Code Builder.

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Code Python more quickly with Python Auto Completion. EditRocket also can do variable matching for any standard library module so that typing variable name followed by a dot will do auto-completion for the appropriate methods of the parent of the variable.

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It will also display all methods, functions, and members for a module when typing module followed by a. The list displayed after typing a module. Selecting an item from the list inserts the item into the editor and displays the signature of the item as a tooltip.

For more information, see the following: Python Auto Completion. Code Python more efficiently with the Python Sidekick.

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The sidekick has tabs for Python coding inserts, tools, and the Python Method Navigator. The coding inserts tabs gives users the ability to quickly enter many common Python constructs into the text editor with the click of a button, or via customizable keyboard shortcuts.

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Some examples of coding insert options are control statements such as for, while, if, etc. For more information, see the following: Python Sidekick.

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Jump from method to method easily with the Python Method Navigator.