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If you single click on a file, its location is dispayed in the Path Bar at the bottom. If you are not sure if you have located the correct file, press the spacebar to preview it.

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Double-clicking on the folder name in the Path Bar to the left of the file name brings you directly to the folder the file is in. The result of the search might include a large number of files.

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If that occurs, you may be able to find the file more easily by clicking the List View icon, and then Arrange icon and changing to sort by Date Modified or Name. Also, typing a more specific search in Spotlight may narrow the search result. Launching apps A simple but efficient way to take advantage of Spotlight is to use it to launch apps.

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To quickly launch an app that is not on your dock, just type the first few letters in Spotlight and press the Enter key. Using Spotlight as a dictionary or calculator If you type a word in Spotlight, one of the results is a dictionary definition of that word. Moving your cursor over in the search result displays a definition.

Clicking on Dictionary opens the Dictionary app, where a thesaurus and Wikipedia view are also available using the buttons at the top. Customizing Spotlight To customize Spotlight, type anything in the search area and click Customize Spotlight at the bottom.

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Delete entire words at a time. Use Smart Lookup to search the Internet.

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From word definitions to news scans, this powerful tool can transform a simple question into a wealth of knowledge. Remove unwanted formatting. Trying to turn a document from an external source into something that works for you? Tell the program exactly what you want to do.

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Use multiple clicks to select chunks of copy. Rather than employing the tedious drag and highlight method, you can use your mouse to select chunks of copy: double-click over a word to highlight it or triple-click to highlight an entire sentence or section. Quickly insert links into a document.

Important: If you want to broaden the search results, click the menu within the search box to switch between "Contains" and "Starts With. So, for example, if your search string is "light", Safari by default will search for all words that begin with "light": lighthouse, lightbulb, and so on. Switch the option to "Contains" and Safari will also find words like spotlight and sunlight. Type in your search word or phrase.

As you type, Safari will start highlighting search matches.

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