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A command prompt displays. Macintosh OS X: A network box displays. Select WiFi.

For older Macintosh OS X systems, try the following: In most cases, you can follow this procedure to locate your MAC address: Get information, documentation, videos and more for your specific product. Ask the Community.

Need to Contact Support? See Support Options. Contact Support. The service includes support for the following: Select a product or category below for specific instructions. N Routers. Nighthawk Routers.

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The customer is free to build a home or small business network behind this modem, but the ISP expects the MAC address to match the registered value at all times. Whenever a customer replaces their modem or adds a broadband router, the MAC address will no longer match that registered at the ISP, and the ISP will disable the customer's Internet connection.

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One way to solve this problem is to call the ISP and ask them to update the registered MAC address to match the new hardware. A more efficient way to solve this problem is to configure the device so that it advertises the original MAC address, even though it's hardware is built to utilize a different MAC address.

This process is called cloning.

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Many broadband routers today support MAC address cloning as an advanced configuration option. The exact procedure varies depending on the type of router. However, in this case, cloning is not required. It's true that changing network adapters usually causes the cable modem connection to fail.

MAC & IP addresses

To remedy this problem, though, requires only that the cable modem and computer be reset and perhaps a waiting period for the ISP to release the old IP address. This feature relies on software support built into the adapter driver program and thus does not work for all adapters.

Likewise, the ifconfig command available in Linux and other flavors of Unix supports changing MAC addresses with the necessary network card and driver support. The MAC address is an important element of computer networking. Computer operating systems and broadband routers support viewing and sometimes changing MAC addresses.

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Changing a MAC address can be necessary in some cases to keep an Internet connection working. In the example, Why MAC Addresses? MAC vs. You should see a field called IP address: Skip to content.

MAC address (media access control)

Buy the ebook. For example, consider the following MAC address: D8-DEBE3 Every hexadecimal character represents 4 bits, so the first six hexadecimal characters represent the vendor Hewlett Packard in this case. How to find out your own MAC address? IP address An IP address is a bit number that identifies a host on a network. A newer version exists, IPv6, and uses bit addressing.